Considering an Abortion?

If you are facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, you may be feeling tremendous pressure to have an abortion for a number of reasons. It may be the father of the baby that is pressuring you because he doesn’t want to take responsibility, or you fear that your parents won’t understand. Your doctor may be pressuring you and telling you that it is only a piece of tissue. Your friends may be telling you to hurry and get it over; or you may be thinking that a child just does not fit into your plans at the moment.

As a result of pressures, you may see abortion as your only option; however, there are other options. Do not make your decision quickly and out of fear or pressure. Take time to research and educate yourself on all the options. This may be one of the biggest decisions that you make in your life, so educate yourself and make your decision based on the facts and not on your emotions.

What is an abortion?

An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Abortions are performed either surgically or medically.

  • medical abortion – the administration of drugs to the pregnant woman to expel the fetus from the uterus
  • surgical abortion – the use of surgical instruments to scrape the uterus so the embryo or fetus and placenta can be remove through a suction tube

Physical Complications

Even though abortion is legal in all 50 states, it doesn’t mean that it is safe procedure. Since the abortionist has to rely on a sense of feel as the womb is being scraped and suctioned, there are many risks and complications that can occur from having an abortion.


  • perforated uterus, bowel or bladder
  • cervical lacerations
  • excessive bleeding and hemorrhaging
  • infection
  • death


  • a risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer
  • a risk of tubal pregnancy and miscarriages
  • a risk of premature birth or low-weight baby
  • chance of sterility

Psychological Effects:

  • guilt
  • regret and remorse
  • anxiety/depression
  • suicidal ideation
  • insomnia/nightmares
  • nervousness
  • flashbacks
  • grief/pain
  • withdrawal
  • relationship problems
  • lower self-esteem
  • eating disorders
  • self destructive behavior
  • anger/rage/hostility
  • feeling isolated and alone
  • inability to forgive self

Pregnancy Resource Center of Flint does not perform or refer for abortions.

This information is intended for general educational purposes only and should never be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice.